Eligibility & Guidelines - HSS

The call for applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will open in October.

The Chateaubriand fellowship program allows young scholars to broaden their experience and networks by spending several months at a French higher-education institution. The fellows will be able to engage in dissertation research and to interact with a French mentor and scholars.

We offer three types of fellowships:

  • Fall Fellowship, 4 months
  • Spring Fellowship, 4 months
  • Year-long Fellowship, 8 months


  • You must be currently working on your PhD
  • You must be registered in an American university (US citizenship is not required; however, French citizens are not eligible)
  • All HSS research topics are eligible
  • You must obtain a letter of agreement from your advisor(s) in the U.S., as well as a letter of invitation from a professor affiliated with a French university or research institution.
  • Your US and French advisors must agree to co-supervise part of your thesis
  • Knowledge of French is not mandatory and is left to the discretion of the host institution


  • A monthly stipend of €1500
  • A round-trip ticket to France
  • Health insurance for the duration of the fellowship


Applications are evaluated both by a French and an American scholar, before being reviewed by a final selection committee.

Selection criteria are as follow:

  • Academic relevance of the research project
  • Applicant’s command of the subject
  • Applicant’s command of the Literature in the Field
  • Added Value of Research in France
  • Contribution to FR/US Research Dialogue


To apply, please register and fill in the online form. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Contact information
  • List of degrees received
  • List of past fellowships received
  • List of publications and conferences
  • Summary of your thesis research in the US
  • Summary of your research project in France
  • If your application is linked to an existing French-American collaboration, please be ready to provide information on this collaboration.
  • Contact information of your host institution in France


Please upload the following documents with your application:

  • Detailed description of your thesis research in the US including your project in France (3 pages).
  • Letter of agreement from your US thesis advisor agreeing that part of your thesis will be co-supervised by a French colleague. This letter should also highlight your work, explain how a stay in France would be useful to both the lab and your project and how it will strengthen the existing or planned collaboration between your home and host laboratories.
  • Letter of invitation from your project advisor in France agreeing to co-supervise part of your thesis. This letter should also describe the existing or planned collaboration between the home and host laboratories and include information about what your stay in France will bring to the host lab and your project. Please be in touch with your supervisor in France as early as possible.
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a professor who knows your work but who is not your US or French advisor.
  • Copies of your transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. If necessary, transcripts must be translated into either English or French.

Optional documents:

  • Second letter of recommendation from a professor who knows your work but who is not your US or French advisor.
  • Joint supervision Agreeement (co-tutelle): if your PhD is being carried out under a joint agreement between a US and a French university (co-tutelle), please provide the official agreement between your PhD advisor and your host professor for a joint supervision.

Call 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 call for applications is now closed. The deadline to apply was January 13, 2021.